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Mid-Ohio Valley DreamLife is a 1-year discipleship program that is focused on saving a generation by showing them true freedom through Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the answer to the drug epidemic in this nation and that true freedom only comes from Him. We provide a structured environment that assists in walking in that freedom. Through our discipleship program, young adults are equipped to live a Christian lifestyle that will change a generation and see this nation turn back to God!

Please Contact Us if you have any questions or if you have anyone interested in joining DreamLife!

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DreamLife, founded by Eddie James, is a faith based rehabilitation and restoration program designed for high school and college age youth.

DreamLife’s vision is to restore broken youth who’ve lost hope and their sense of purpose in life.  DreamLife takes in youth whose issues range from drugs, street life, violence, gangs to cutting and suicide.

DreamLife’s restoration program involves six main principles:


Character Development

Work Program

Education & Training Program

Relationship Development


Tim Website


Tim Craft -DreamLife Director

Tim was a 12 year heroin addict that was set free by the power of Jesus. He is now leading others into that same freedom.

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